CoinW Has Started Deposit&Withdrawal of EKT Based on New Contract

Coinw 2019-07-17 17:26:50

Dear CoinW users,

CoinW has changed EKT contract as required by the EKT projector, and the deposit and withdrawal services of EKT based on new contract are available on CoinW now. You do not need to do nay operation and we have swapped the former EKT tokens for the tokens based on new EKT contract.

The new contract address for EKT is 0x4ecdb6385f3db3847f9c4a9bf3f9917bb27a5452. We would like to remind you that you shall not deposit the former EKT tokens to the new contract address. For more details of EKT token swap, please consult the EKT projector.

Thanks for your support!

CoinW Team
Jul 17, 2019