AUU Listed! 100K AUU Giveaway

Coinw 2019-07-08 12:51:00

Dear Coinw users,

Coinw will start AUU deposit at 20:00(UTC+8) on Jul 8th and AUU/CNYT pair will be available in Coinw innovation zone at 20:00(UTC+8) on Jul 10th. There will also be an AUU deposit and trading competition in sync. During the promotion, AUU depositors, traders and those who invite friends will divide 100K AUU.

Promotion Period: Jul 8th 20:00—Jul 16th 20:00(UTC+8)

Promotion 1: Deposit AUU to Divide 20K AUU
All verified AUU depositors will divide 1,875 AUU every day according to the daily net deposit volume during the promotion. Rules are as follows:
Every day, the 1st-10th users in net deposit ranking divide 500 AUU in proportion;
Every day, the 11th-30th users in net deposit ranking divide 500 AUU in proportion;
Every day, users ranked from 31st divide 875 AUU in proportion.
-Top 1-10 in total deposit ranking during the promotion share 5,000 AUU evenly.

Promotion 2: Trade AUU to Divide 40K AUU
All verified AUU traders will divide 40K AUU according to the net buying ranking during the promotion. Rules are as follows:
1st-10th users in net buying ranking share 10,000 AUU evenly;
11th-50th users in net buying ranking divide 10,000 AUU in proportion;
51st-100th users in net buying ranking divide 10,000 AUU in proportion;
Users ranked from 101st in net buying ranking divide 10,000 AUU in proportion.
-Users whose total AUU/CNYT trading volume reaches 10,000 CNYT(buying+selling) during the promotion can enjoy trading fee exemption (trading fee will be returned after the promotion).

Promotion 3: Ally together! Invite to Win AUU
During the promotion, you can get 5 AUU every time you invite a friend to register Coinw (the invited one should complete KYC and trade AUU). Top 30 referees in terms of the number of people they invite can divide 5,000 AUU in proportion.

Thanks for your support!

Coinw Team
Jul 5, 2019

About AUU:
AUU is a core token of multiple well-known ecosystems and stable platforms. It realizes scenario application and 24-hour transactions in six fields including new retail, innovative co-magnetic commercial rotation mechanism and cross-regional entity industry.
AUU Official Website:

Terms of Service:
1. Coinw reserves all rights for final explanation.
2. Net deposit=deposit-withdrawal; Net buying=buying-selling, converted to CNYT
3. Reward Distribution: Rewards will be issued after the promotion within 7 working days. You can check it in Assets---History---Airdrop.
4. Coinw has the right to disqualify the participators with cheating or brushing behavior.

Risk Warning:
Trading blockchain commodities carries a high level of risk (pre-mining, price volatility, banker manipulation, team disbanding, technical defects, etc.). According to the government statement, Coinw make efforts to select high-quality tokens and provides a free online exchange platform for blockchain fans, but bears no responsibility for review, guarantee or compensation for the investment. 
In case of violation of laws and regulations, we reserve the right to unconditionally remove all the goods.
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