Coinw Will Launch Time-Limited Trading Zone and List VGO/USDT in the Zone

Coinw 2019-06-10 12:50:45

Dear Coinw users,

Coinw is about to launch the time-limited trading zone and list VGO/USDT trading pair for the first time.

VGO, an official DAPP based on consensus mechanism, intelligent contract, cross-chain integration and other block chain technology, will open a new door to the world of block chain for us. At the same time, VGO is your passport to enter "Paradise Recovery". With it, you can interact with other users and enjoy the endless pleasure of wealth appreciation in the process.

Official Website:

Risk Warning:
Digital assets trading carries a high level of risk. In view of this, please follow the principle of voluntary investment and before you make investments, please take a careful consideration of your investment experience and risk tolerance. Coinw will make best efforts to select high-quality projects but will not be responsible for your losses. This announcement and other information in Coinw does not constitute any investment advice. 
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Coinw Team
Jun 9, 2019
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