Rewards of ELF Deposit&Trading Promotion Have Been Distributed

Coinw 2019-06-02 20:26:30

Dear Coinw users,

ELF deposit&trading promotion has successfully concluded and the rewards have been distributed. Users who deposited ELF have divided 20,000 COINS according to your net deposit weight and ELF traders have got the corresponding level of VIP membership according to your trading volume. VIP users can enjoy trading fee reduction and get new-listed tokens in Coinw Priority for free.

“Mainstream Token Promotion”, “CNYT Deposit Promotion”, “XLM Listing Promotion” and  “CTXC Deposit&Trading Competitions” are still ongoing. Participate to win airdrops and Coinw VIP membership. Thanks for your support!

Coinw Team
Jun 2, 2019
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