Announcement on Coinw Supporting PIZZA Airdrop

Coinw 2019-05-31 15:07:29

Dear Coinw users,

Coinw will support PIZZA airdrop to EOS holders. The airdrop ratio is 100EOS=1PIZZA. The snapshot of EOS holding is scheduled at 22:59:59(UTC+8) on Jun 1st.

We will distribute PIZZA to EOS holders once the airdrop completes. Thanks for your support!

Coinw Team
May 31,2019

About PIZZA: PIZZA - USDE is an EOS based two-token stablecoin system. The system
issues stablecoin (USDE) by collateralizing crypto assets; with conservative Collateralization Ratios and the deployment of different smart contracts, the system neutralizes the potential crisis of confidence and allows the stablecoin to 1:1 peg to USD.
PIZZA Official Website:

Terms of Service:
1. Coinw reserves all rights for final explanation.
2. Airdrop Distribution Rules: The volume of PIZZA airdrop will be correct to six decimal places. The airdrop less than 0.000001 PIZZA will fail to distribute.
3. Reward Distribution: Rewards will be issued after the promotion within 7 working days. You can check it in Assets---History---Airdrop.
4. Coinw has the right to disqualify the participators with cheating behavior.