Contract Competition,8000+CNYT Giveaway

Coinw 2020-03-12 19:56:04

Dear CoinW users,


CoinW will open a contract competition on the Contract page at 12:00 on Mar 13. This competition rewards a total of 80,000 + CNYT. Users who engage in contract tradings during the competition, users who invite friends to open positions with any amount of contracts, and users who share screenshot of the contract profit to their twitter and @Coinw_exchange , all will receive CNYT rewards.


Time: 12:00, Mar 13 - 12:00, Mar 19 (UTC+8)



Reward 1: Trading competition

During the competition, users who open any contract position can share 30,000 CNYT equally; and users with contract cumulative transaction volume 100 USDT can divide 50,000 CNYT according to the transaction proportion.


Reward 2: Invitation competition

During the competition, real-name registered users who invite users with no contract transaction records before Mar 13 to open positions with any amount of contracts can receive airdrop rewards, and invitees can receive 18.8 CNYT airdrop rewards after opening positions. The reward rules of inviter are as follows:

Invite 3-10 people, the inviter can get 50 CNYT airdrop reward;

Invite 11-30 people, the inviter can get 99 CNYT airdrop reward;

Invite more than 30 people, the inviter can get 366 CNYT airdrop reward.

* Invitees should fill in the relevant information in the form to prove that the invitation relationship is true (form link: The invitation relationship is subject to the form data. If the invitee fails to fill in the form, it will be considered as an invalid invitation and the inviter cannot receive the corresponding invitation and opening reward. 


Reward 2: Sharing competition

(1) Sharing a screenshot of your contract transaction profit during the competition to your twitter and @Coinw_exchange, the user can get 18.8 CNYT airdrop reward after getting 5 likes. Share rewards are limited to the top 100, first come first served!

(2) The user with the highest profit in screenshot shared during the competition can get an extra 188 CNYT encouragement reward, and the user with the largest loss can also get 188 CNYT comfort reward.

* Note: Each UID can be rewarded once; the form link of sharing screenshot:


Thanks for your support!


CoinW Team

Mar 12, 2020


Terms of Service:

1. CoinW reserves all rights for final explanation.

2. All rewards are only for CoinW verified users, and rewards less than 1 CNYT will not be issued.

3. Reward Distribution: Rewards will be issued after the promotion within 7 working days. You can check it in Assets---History---Airdrop.

4. CoinW has the right to disqualify the participants with cheating behavior or wash sales.



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