ENO Will Be Listed on CoinW

Coinw 2020-01-07 19:27:23

Dear CoinW users,


CoinW will list ENO recently,and there will be a trading promotion in sync with it. Specificpromotion time and nodes information will be posted on News of our website,please stau tuned.


Thanks for your support!


CoinW Team

Jan 7, 2020


About ENO:

ENO reduces energy consumption andgreatly improves processing speed, while using the characteristics ofblockchains decentralization, de-intermediation, de-trust, transparentand non-tamperable data, and it also achieves distributed decentralizedstorage of data, which provides solid infrastructure support forbig data and artificial intelligence.

Note: The projects data and information is providedby the relevant project party. Users are requested to carefully review therelevant information and carefully decide whether to participate. 


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