FansUP! 20% Discount to Snap-Up IOST!

Coinw 2019-11-06 14:21:29

Dear CoinW users,

CoinW will open 20% Discount IOST Snap-Upat 20:00(UTC+8), Nov 6. All the verified users who purchase CWT in advance willget the chance to participate.

Promotion period: Nov 6 - Nov 7     20:00 - 20:30(UTC+8)


KYC verified users should purchaseCoinw-based CWT first for IOST Snap-Up with a total amount of 2 million IOST.The minimum purchase limit for each verified user is 20 CWT and the maximum is 30CWT. Specific discount and quota are set as follows:



Purchase Quota

Individual Limit


1st Round

Nov 6 20:00-20:30

1 million IOST


20 CWT - 30 CWT


2nd Round

Nov 7 20:00-20:30

1 million IOST



Price Rules:

1. The base price of IOST will be convertedto CNYT price, which will be set according to the average 24-hour market pricebefore the promotion starts and then updated to FansUp!


2.The CWT price will be set according to aopening price 3 hours before the start of promotion, back-tracing the averageprice of the hourly opening price of the CoinW-based CWT for the first 24 hoursof the CNYT trading market, forming a final ratio: n CWT= 1 IOST , which willbe updated to FansUp!


At 20:00 every day from Nov 6 to Nov 7, thesnap-up start right on time. Prepare your CWT and get to enjoy 20% discountIOST.

Thank you for your support!

CoinW Team

5 Nov, 2019


Terms of Service:

1. One accountcan only participate once for each round. Users remaining quota( the maximumindividual snap-up for each round - actual ETH snap-up for each round) forfirst round will be added to next round.

2. Thecalculation starts after the whole promotion ends, and your purchased IOST willbe distributed to your account after the calculation.

3. CoinWreserves all the rights for final interpretation.


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