Purchase Process of HyperPay Cloud-Hashrate

Coinw 2019-11-01 22:38:34

DearCoinW users,


HyperPay,CoinW official wallet, has launched cloud-hashrate contract. Compared withpersonal mining,  cloud-hashratehas itsmerits as follows:


1. LowThreshold: 1TH/s floor limit to purchase.

2.Quality Miner: WhatsMiner highhashrate, supreme performance.

3. FirstMining: hashrate on hand secondsafter payment, 24 hours available.

4.Stable Performance: large-scalemonitoring and maintenance, worry-free minermalfunction and performance loss.


PurchaseProcess: DownloadHyperPay wallet and register---Bind HyperPay account in CoinW website orAPP---Transfer BTC, ETH and USDT towallet through HyperPay*CoinWinter-transferring channel---Click cloud-hashrate banner onApp Homepage to enter, buycloud-hashrate contract and enjoy  rewards on a daily basis


HyperPayApp Download:



Nov 1,2019

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