“Community Power” Fourth Project—GRIN

Coinw 2019-10-09 10:50:35

Dear CoinW users,


CoinW will belaunching the fourth project of “Community Power”GRINat 12:00(UTC+8) at Oct 10. Users can promote the listing of GRIN bycontributing Community Power(CP) in FansUp! page. If the promoting eventsuccessfully concludes and GRIN gets listed on CoinW Potential Zone, there willbe 2000 GRIN to give away. The details are as follows:


Period: 10/Oct/201912:00-11/Oct/2019 12:00(UTC+8)



·       Register CoinW andcomplete identity verification

·       Use CWT to promotethe listing of GRIN

·       Each participantshall have 50 CWT at least



Period (UTC+8)

Community Power Hard Cap



Token Used to Promote Listing


Oct 10 12:00 –

Oct 11 12:00

20,000 CP

2,000 GRIN


·       CWT used to promotelisting will all be returned after the event

·       Ratio: 1 CWT=1CP(Community Power)

·       Min Limit: 50 CWT,Max Limit: 100 CWT

·       Airdrop ConversionRatio: 1 CP=0.1 GRIN


Thanks for yoursupport!


CoinW Team

Oct 8, 2019


About GRIN:

Grin Coin is a privacy-focused andscalable cryptocurrency with the following characteristics: implementation ofMimbleWimble privacy protocol; only store a few data on blockchain, enablingnode running economical and convenient; MimbleWimble has been developed by ananonymous individual and its team is spread across the world; adoption ofnon-premine PoW, making it more fair and decentralised.


Risk Reminder:

Digital assetstrading is subject to high risks and may lead to losses. You shall makeinvestments cautiously and take your crypto trading experience and risktolerance into consideration before your investment. The announcement and otherinformation on do not constitute any investment advice. CoinW bears noresponsibility for any loss directly or indirectly resulting from theinformation, neither for guarantee or compensation for the investment.



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