Rewards of IOST Listing Promotion Have Been Distributed

Coinw 2019-09-10 11:36:15

Dear CoinW users,

The rewards of IOST listing promotion have been successfully distributed and the details are as follows:

CoinW has distributed 100,000 IOST according to the IOST net deposit ranking and distributed 100,000 IOST to IOST traders according to the net buying ranking (The IOST’s market cap ranking didn’t rise when the promotion ended). Users with 100,000 IOST trading volume or more have got 30% trading fees refunded and users with 500,000 IOST trading volume or more have got 50% trading fees refunded. The top 50 new users who completed KYC verification and deposited or traded IOST have got 2000 IOST rewards.

Users who participated can check the airdrop history in your accounts. Thank you for your support!

CoinW Team
Sep 10, 2019

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