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As long as deposit the investment products, you can enjoy daily interest airdrops and compound interest, the interests accumulated automatically. Besides, you can also enjoy free handling fee, no lock-up, anytime trading and withdrawal, interest airdrops to pending investment currencies.


No Lock-up
BitWin product have no need of lock-up. You can gain interests airdrops as long as you hold the certain currency after you participate in Mining.
No Handling Fee
CoinW charge no handling fee, and all the rewards will be distributed to your account
The assets invested in Mining can be used to trade without transfer in or out.


1. What are the rules of BitWin?

As long as you deposit to your account, you can earn interest;

Randomly take snapshots daily, and settle with the minimum position of daily snapshots;

Interests bearing after 24 hours, daily earnings distributed after 48 hours, earnings automatically accumulated.

2. How to participate in earning profits of BitWin?

As long as there's a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in your CoinW account, you can get yield interests, and there's no need to freeze mortgage assets.

3. What digital currencies do we support now?

BitWin will support more digital currency products in the future.

4. Is it possible to trade during BitWin staking?

You can trade any digital currency at any time. However, once the transaction is completed, the amount of the position balance will change, which means the revenue you receive from the daily snapshot will change accordingly.

5. How to calculate floating interest rate and fixed interest rate?

Actual daily rate of return = floating interest rate + fixed interest rate, where the floating interest rate will be adjusted according to the fluctuation of the digital currency price